Aiki links; Shotokai




A very complete resource with many interesting sections and very interesting articles, you have to visit this site.
An Aikido site in spanish, has tons of material and quite a few books, articles, videos, etc. It’s a good visit if you read spanish, otherwise you’ll just have to go to the video section. If they worked a bit on the design it would go into a complete other category
Iwama Ryu Aikido – Takemusu Aiki – Traditional Budo
A starting point for your visit of this groups dojos around the world, nice video and many links outwards.
Northeast Aikikai, Chelmsford, MA – Aikido
A site with quite a bit of information, good articles and essays, I liked the Doctor, Doctor article a lot, sounds like a very common sickness this martial arts syndrome.
Aikido Nippon Kan Home Page
Well designed and quite brief web site, have not been able to find the QTVRs they name though.
New England Aikikai
A nice site, has some interesting information and interviews but tends just to be a site for local Aiki students
John Murray’s Aikido Stuff
An interesting resource, does not include very much original written info but has an impressive mpeg video archive.
Seidokan Aikido World Headquarters
Limited general information. Mostly a Seidokan Aikido oriented resource
Info on the Ki Society
Unofficial Ki Society site, limited information, mostly built upon material created by other people, a links home site


Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu Home Page
This is what I call a Web fossil, more than 4 year have passed since it was updated, the material is interesting enough but nothing has happened within the group in almost two years?