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Shotokai Karate-do, CHILE

Shigeru Egami

The Way of Karate, Beyond Technique

Kodansha International Ltd. Tokyo

(This book was later on known as “The Heart of Karate-do”.)

The most advanced book that exists on Karate-do. Not necessarily with respect to technique, rather based on the question this book poses and the concepts it clarifies.

A superior book that establishes Karate as a way towards spiritual development and completely denies that Karate is a combat art.

“Animals are not muscle bound; why should a man be? Pliancy and flexibility are natural characteristics of the human body; rigidity is the mark of death. Beginning with the warming-up exercises and continuing with the fundamental stances and techniques, the student can learn to preserve that pliancy and flexibility and at the same time develop his natural strength, agility and coordination.”