Quote 4

Master Shigeru Egami

The Way of Karate, Beyond Technique

The ideal of Gichin Funakoshi, who has come to be recognized as the “Father of Karate-do,” was to advance from jutsu (“technique”) to do (the “way”). It became my mission to realize this ideal, but here again questions arise: What is the meaning of “from technique to the way ?” Through what kind of practice can one attain this ideal?

Karate-jutsu or Karate-do ? The distinction between the two must be clearly grasped. Karate-jutsu must be regarded as nothing more than a technique for homicide, and that, most emphatically, is not the objective of Karate-do. He who would follow the way of true karate must seek not only to coexist with his opponent but to achieve unity with him. There is no question of homicide, nor should emphasis ever be placed on winning. When practicing Karate-do, what is important is to be one with your partner, move together, and make progress together.

That karate has come to be identified in the public mind as an “art of homicide” is indeed sad and unfortunate. It is not that. It is an art of self-defense, but in order to attain its benefits, the practitioner must be completely free of any egotistic feeling.