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Shotokai’s Recommended WWWeb Addresses

(revised November 7th, 1998)

Cyber Dojo  THE Karate WWWeb Page, administered and built up by Patrice Tarabbia, Shotokai France (at least mostly built by), includes a big amount of technical information on all that is related to Martial Arts. Sadly it has not been updated for over two years, it sort of died away, turned into a Web dinosaur, but still worth a visit.

TKY Shotokai Karate-do Finland.  Even in the northern and cold Skandinavia, Shotokai exists, check them out, they have a nice Web page. Now Esa, one of the Pages administrators is here in Chile…! He has told us he will come over and visit.

Shotokai Karate-do Vaasan, Finland. And yet another Home Page in Finland, Shotokai has a lot of energy in Finland! Administered by our good friend Olav Palmkvist (didn’t even need to look his surname up!)

Durham University Shotokai, England. And then England, Shotokai is very strong in that country.

Karate-do Shotokai at Staffordshire University A very nicely built Home Page of another English Shotokai KDS Group.

Shintaido A new Japanese Martial Art as the result of a holistic approach to all Budo Arts in Japan. Very interesting, a must. A bit messy when you access it in english, but what the… it’s worth it.

Shotokan Karate of America at George Washington University, a great site on Shotokan Karate of America, a brother organization of Shotokai. Administered by John Schoneboom.

Shotokan Karate of America official site, visit the site of the only actual organization that received authorization from Master Funakoshi to use the Shotokan name.




FURYU  The Budo Journal of Classical Martial Arts & Culture.
Excellent information for those more interested in philosophical aspects of the martial arts and more. Very well built, beautifully presented, highly recommended.

Gordon Nore’s Martial Arts Photo Gallery A very complete site with many interesting images and information

An Italian Martial Arts Link Page Very complete and well organized, good starting point.

Musashi’s Shrine A great site to start off into the Bushi WWW World.

L. Fowlers Martial Arts Home Page.  Another good starting point, interesting connections, a different way of starting off.

Jay Swan’s Martial Arts Resource List. Another way to take off on the Martial Arts Infohighway.

Kodansha International A great book, magazine editorial. They have published a great amount of excellent martial arts and Karate-do books, many of them I have used to establish this resource.

The Virtual Library: Martial Arts A new resource in constant growth.

What about YAHOO?: – Martial Arts Page.Karate Page.

Another Meta Index GALAXY.




The LinkMinder WWW Telnet and Ftp Links. 60 Search Engines, a java based tour guide and an email reminding service.

LYCOS. A very efficient Web search system, one of the biggest in the Internet.

WWW Yellow Pages. We (Shotokai) are also included in the WWW Yellow Pages…

Starting Point. This Web resource gives you the great advantage of searching all the info on the internet using different search systems. A Metasearch. Try it out, not only for Karate.


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