Commemorating the 18th anniversary of Shigeru Egami’s death

Anniversary of the death of Master Shigeru Egami

January 8th we celebrated the 18th anniversary of the death of Master Shigeru Egami.

In the last years we have done our best to try to draw attention to Master Egami in our site and therefore at a world-level, we hope we have been able to contribute in this mission and in our way contribute to preserving his legacy.

His practice and sacrifice should not disappear nor be hidden away, quite the contrary, it must be highlighted and published so the largest amount of people can find it, be it Shotokai participants or not. We are utterly convinced that if we publish his words, they will shine with their own light, but if they are not exposed, the limited printed copies of his books would also limit the amount of people that would be able to read his work and benefit from them.

Personally, reading, rereading and trying to understand his documents and his vision of Karate-do as a Budo is a very demanding chore that includes many doubts and mysteries but that fills me with the desire to practice all my life.

As the culmination of these five years of learning about Master Egami, I can mention the visit we did to the tomb of the Master in Kamakura, Japan. It was a humbling experience that has inspired me to not waste the time I have left in my life.

We hope our work in the next years may continue the same way and bring this marvelous art, called Shotokai and symbolized by Master Egami, to all the corners of the world.

Thank you Master Egami, your memory inspires us in every moment.

8 de enero 1999