Master Shigeru Egami Library

In time we have noticed that Master Shigeru Egami, even though he seems to be an unknown personality within Karate-do, isn’t so much. His books and his profound knowledge and understanding of Budo, that shine through his writing, have not passed unnoticed by those that sincerely search for the do.

With this section completely dedicated to his writings and documents related to him, we have tried to put into perspective his sacrifice and honour one of the most exceptional figures within Karate-do Shotokai & Karate-do in general.

We are in the process of including a document of a very important historical and philosophical nature, a document that includes words from Master Egami’s second book, “Karate for the specialist” and comments by the author Sensei Tokitsu and quite a few people that were close or related to Master Shigeru Egami. These documents are being published with express permission of the author, something we are very grateful for.

After our trip to Japan it is with great pleasure that we comment that over there the image of Master Egami is still very close to their hearts, possibly more today than ever before. It is our intention to offer you the best of our great Master.