History of Shintaido


Master Aoki organized a project team called “Rakuten” for creating a new type of martial arts at Nogeyama in Yokohama.
New martial art was completed. “Sogo Budo Renmei” was founded and opened an office in Shinjuku.
Shintaido France was formed.
Shintaido was performed at the International Humanity and Psychological Society in Tokyo.
Mr. Fugaku Ito and Mr. Michael Thompson organized U.S. Shintaido.
Master Aoki completed training methods for “Bojutsu”, a martial art using a long wooden stick, and “Yoki”, a training to revitalize spirit in Sao Paulo.
The first International Shintaido Meet was held in San Francisco.
The second International Shintaido Meet was held in U. K.
The third International Shintaido Meet was held in France. Since then the international meet has been regularly held in U.S., U.K., and France.
Shintaido’s headquarters “Koishikawa Dojo” was opened and Mr. Mitsuru Okada was named as the chief of “dojo”, training hall.
Shintaido was performed in Japan/France International Symposium “Science, Technology, and Spiritual World” at Tsukuba University. In the performance “Toate”, throwing down people without touching them, was shown by Master Aoki, and “Ki”, vital energy, and the performance had initiated “Ki” boom in Japan.
Participated in the world’s first experiment, “Testing martial artist’s brain waves in an intence movement”.
International Shintaido Federation was founded.
Master Aoki received Doctor of Literature degree form the California Graduate School of Theology.
25th anniversary event of Shintaido was held at Yokohama Sogo Hall.
Perfomed at the Scientific Society of Human Body(人体科学会).
Master Aoki was invited to a TV program “Wander Zone” and showed that he could secape from a gun shot turned his back to Mr. Bill Yokoyama who was a fast draw champion.
Master Aoki and Shintaido was given an extensive coverage by NHK’s “Miraculous small universe; homan body”(international version).(驚異の小宇宙「人体」海外版)
Video “Shintaido: martial art to develop human petential ability” (supervised by Master Aoki) was sold by Gakken.
Video “Shintaido: glory of Ki(vital energy)” (supervised by Master Aoki) was sold by Quest.
Shintaido was performed at the Martial Arts Society of Japan, Tokyo
Conference (performed at Nippon Athletic University.
Master Aoki’s “Create a Way, Open a Way”「道を創る道を開く」was published from Toyo Keizai Shinposha.
Perfromed at the Scientific Society of Human Body「人体科学会」(chairman: Prof. Yoshikichi Kadowaki)
“Living days, Shining days” 「生きる日 輝く日」by Master Aoki was publishied from Kinkasha.
And many occations to be reported on TV and magazine.