Dentokan Jujutsu
Dentokan Jujutsu is a martial arts club practicing a traditional Japanese martial art near Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK.
Ternion Academy Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu Home Page
Some interesting material but not much meat on this site.
American Judo and Jujutsu Federation
A typical American association site, trying to sell you the product but has some rescueable stuff in between.
A Judo Information Site–Judo
Looking for some information about Judo? Well here you’re going to get choked 🙂 Very well organized and complete.


British Kendo Association
A very nice site with very concise information on Kendo.


The Kyudo Project Incorporated
A good site, without almost any graphical design but is well done anyway, keeps updated, includes original material and has a good links page
Kyudo in Bavaria/Germany
Can you imagine, even Kyudo they have turned into a sport… well, too bad some don’t get it… can find a bit of info here and some photos, a bit poor though and missing updates


Nihon Sumo Kyokai
The best site on Sumo that you will find! An example of how things should be done on any site. Miss a bit of control on the graphics, smaller sizes and better programming considering the server speed, but all in all a great experience, congratulations!

Various M.A

Martial Art Weapons & more

    • A A new blog with good weapon and kobudo information
East York Hapkido

    • A very complete site with many interesting images and information
Furyu: The Budo Journal
The online representative of a very good Budo magazine. In the past the design and structure was better, something happened in the last year that has reduced it’s size and appearanc, but is coming back on its feet little by little.
Shintaido, Martial Art from Japan
This site is quite messy when opened in an English language browser, the server is very slow too. But if you are patient you can find some good information in Japanese-English, and quite a bit of graphical material on this Martial Art that derived from the Rakutenkai Shotokai group created by Shigeru Egami.