Making a Shotokai Karate Budo Mural at Universidad de Concepción

Shibu Universidad de Concepcion

Second semester 1997

Each semester as a promotional method at the start of classes the university Shotokai group makes a mural. This helps promote Shotokai as a name related to university activities. We now present the creation of our unsophisticated 🙂 second-semester mural, step by step.

First of all, we painted white over the previous mural (not ours), we had though permission to do so. Previous years had painted the Shotokai Mount Fuji, karatekas, etc. But this year due to time constraints and the lack of real experts, we decided to keep things simple and just concentrate on the main goal: do something.

 Hey friends! How are things working out? Hmm… hey isn’t that kanji on backward?! 🙂

Yes, the kanji was on backward! That was arranged immediately and the work continued.

Ahhh! Love, what can I say, and then mixed with Shotokai, an explosive combination.


Very few of us left by now but there is less to go now. From left to right: Luis Salgado (shodan), Alvaro Jorquera (1st kyu) and José Luis Sandoval (1st kyu).


Now only the letters are missing, though that ended up being quite a task too.


 The finished mural, soon to be replaced by another one, but that’s life, No?

I hope that this year some dedicated artists appear so the next mural can end up being much better than this artisanal one. This will continue the efforts in getting all university students and teachers to relate Shotokai with Traditional Karate-do (i.e. Non-sports Karate).