Posthumous Note, Karate-do Kyohan



Kodansha International

The author, Master Gichin Funakoshi, seemed to be deeply troubled by the question of republication of this book. The feeling is clearly evident in his Preface to the Second Edition. Moreover, he was apparently concerned about whether he should republish the original text as such, or modify or extend it for the second edition. It has now been more than two years since the first announcement of the second edition appeared in the press, and we apologize for this long delay. The master passed away on this date one year ago without having completed the new manuscript. He must have regretted this fact deeply. Today, on the first anniversary of his death, we offer to his soul the completed manuscript, placing it on the altar and burning incense in his memory. We wish, in addition, to mention the forthcoming appearance of others of his manuscripts including: Commentary on the Instructor’s Manual,” “Karate-do for Boys and Girls,” and “Essays on Karate-do.”


Tokyo, April 26, 1958 On the first anniversary of the master’s death.