Shotokai Karate-do

Shotokai, a Budo Martial Arts school, unites both young and old, the juvenile side and the mature side of the human spectrum. Beyond age and sex differences, children, adults, women and men, practice together enhancing each other’s training. This contrasts notoriously with sports martial arts, where the young, strong and muscular individuals seem to dominate. This is related with the fact that Shotokai avoids all type of competitive tournaments where physical strength is the most important factor and at the same time this relates with the training objectives: the search of the development of mind and body.

Each group of trainees in Shotokai, depending on their level, has his/her own way of attaining the mind-ki-body unity, where all can mix together and learn from each other. In a training atmosphere void of distinctions, communication grows and mutual respect arises unhindered. Out of the circular, interactive exchange between the young and the not so young, power arises from the harmonious activity, this leads to a feeling of fitting in and etiquette is thus based on mutual respect.

We conclude that Shotokai has a profoundness and breadth rarely found in martial art schools, this is a trademark and arise from the emphasis placed on harmony and love of the art that can be felt in our teachers. Our duty is then to dedicate ourselves to a constant and daily practice, in every activity we do, maintaining at all times in our minds a grateful attitude towards Creation.