Shotokai Karate Links


Bushido Online
An outstanding site even though their material is quite biased in the Karate section and a bit limited, but in general the site is a beauty.
Yahoo! – Recreation:Sports:Martial Arts:Karate
Check out one of the best sources for links on the web.
A very nice site, well organized and designed, on a slow server though. 99% in spanish, too bad, but that’s life.
Atrium Society M.A. for Peace
A very nice site that shows the work done teaching Karate-do as a complete art and not only the physical aspects that are so common in sports karate groups.
Pinewood KarateA nicely designed site of Kyokushin Karate in USA. Until some time ago they published some very interesting lessons every week, but the energy has gone away and they are now only in archive form.
Interesting site in USA, they teach Aiki and Karate together, this means that they in a sense emulate what Shigeru Egami introduced in Shotokai, another element of similarity is that do not participate in sports competitions.
Dragon Times Research & Production Group
A very good newspaper-magazine on Martial Arts. They have stopped publishing articles online therefore eliminating the real usefulness of their site, but “errare humanum est” To make mistakes is human.