The Shotokai Hombu Dojo, the Shotokan

Shotokai Karate-do, CHILE

The Shotokan Dojo

Shotokai’s Headquarter in Japan

After Karate-do Kyohan was published, it was decided that a Dojo was needed to house Master Funakoshi’s training, a Hombu Dojo was needed. A committee was created, Shotokai, which would then establish a fund to build what would end up being the largest Dojo in the world. Work began in the middle of 1935 and in the beginning of the following year the building was finished in Zoshigaya Toshima, Tokyo.

Gichin Funakoshi Sensei personally inaugurated the Dojo, January 29th 1936. He was at this moment 69 years old. Above the entry torii hung a sign with the name “Shotokan” (the House/Building of Shoto). After a ceremonial training the official trainings began the next day under the leadership of Yoshitaka Funakoshi.

Thus Shotokai’s Hombu Dojo was ready.

Today the Shotokan Dojo, headquarters of Shotokai, as always, is a reconstruction of the former Dojo that was destroyed in the 2nd World War bombings of Tokyo. It stands beside Master Funakoshi’s house that has also been reconstructed.