Shotokai Encyclopedia Objectives

Our site mission and objectives

Now that we have been on the Web for three years, it is time to clearly state our mission and objectives. Initially our site grew out of an informal interest in having a presence on the Internet and offering information to those interested in the art of Karate-do. Today after our resource has grown to become a reference on Shotokai and Karate-do we must admit a change in our attitude towards the Encyclopedia.

Our mission on the Web is:

For the general public:

Provide a reference site that will faithfully express the best aspects of Karate-do. It will inform those that have been misled by lowly exponents of commercial martial arts groups and help maintain the correct image in the eyes of the public. They will find out that Karate-do is an art, as unknown today as it was hundred years ago and that they can practice within the walls of traditional non-sports oriented group.

For the martial arts world:

Provide a rich resource with a plethora of material ranging from basic texts to very advanced philosophical material that will help in the development of a complete martial artist. Clearly describe and inform on Shotokai and in general on Master Funakoshi and his successors in Karate-do.

For Shotokai:

For students, an encyclopedia that will help them with their studies and growth, complementing the work done by their Sempai or Sensei. For the Shotokai community a place where all expressions of Shotokai may unite and share experiences, a place where we vindicate Shotokai as the true expression of the creator of Karate-do, Master Gichin Funakoshi, free of all commercialism and sport oriented deviations.


1. Use the Web as a medium that will help reach as many people and show them the true nature of Shotokai and Karate-do.

2. Serve as a meeting point and universal resource for all those involved in true Karate.

3. Help the organization of Shotokai groups on a world-wide level, actively promoting reunions and information interchange.

4. Expand Shotokai and non-sports Karate through its site pages.

5. Within the sites pages philosophical and technical aspects will be expressed as they were developed by Master Gichin Funakoshi and developed by Master Egami and his successors.

6. Clearly state that true Karate-do and Budo in general are a way that brings man and women closer to God and is a tool that complements any creed that helps people draw closer to creation.

7. Help the visitors and followers of Karate notice that the final objective of the art is on a spiritual level, the elimination of vanity and egotism, noticing that the individual is only a part of the whole and being a part of it he/she becomes the whole.

Shotokai Karate-do